wishlist is a luxury shopping concierge to assist and navigate customers in the Japanese marketplace. With just a simple click at the comfort of your home, you are in for a treat.

Brand Identity

Creative Direction

Web Design

Web Development


wishlist is Japan's online personal shopper website where customers can find all range of products such as limited edition items, Japan-made products, artworks, and many more, with only one click. With the shift of consumer behavior and surge of online purchases, wishlist is a trusted solution for luxury shoppers with an eye for Japanese commodities.


For wishlist, our team has created the corporate website, being in charge of the production, art direction, design, catalog update, and technical direction.

For the key visual, we represent the luxury services with marble pattern switching with black and white colors to create an elegant appearance. The company logo has a simple yet fashionable looking which catches the audience's attention from their first visit. Our concept is to make an easy-access platform that visitors can complete the purchase process as quickly as they can.  We also classified the contents by simple categories, for instance, technology, lifestyles, and genders.


The sleek website we design for wishlist was able to gain traction from international customers seeking for luxury items from Japan. wishlist was able to increase their customer base exponentially over the year due to the travel restrictions in Japan and high demand of Japanese products from overseas. We still work closely with wishlist to update and showcase carefully curated up-and-coming products on a monthly basis.