Shibuya Animal Medical Center (SAMC)

Shibuya Animal Medical Center (SAMC) is a veterinary hospital located in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward that aims to create a welcoming atmosphere which feels relaxing and calm for owners and animals alike. They offer typical medical checkup services, as well as a “Dog Terrace,” a dog grooming and training service tailored to each dog’s needs and personality.

Brand Identity

Creative Direction

Web Design

Logo Design


SAMC wanted to establish their corporate identity and branding. They asked us to create a new website, logo, branding guidelines, corporate PowerPoint template, and business cards. We had been working with SAMC from the beginning of their journey, so we were able to create their brand identity from scratch.


SAMC staff wanted to be able to edit the website on their own (upload blogs, edit content etc.), so we suggested WordPress, a system that is user-friendly and straightforward. We made the website look engaging and informative, in order to attract new customers to the newly-opened business.

During the process, we improved communication in order to agree upon the design and content of the website, and we provided a clear schedule in order to keep the client informed about how long each task would take. We were faced with a challenging deadline, but came up with a solution in order to make the website public in time for the opening day of the business.


SAMC is pleased with the design and functionality of the website. The website currently comes up on the first page of the search engine as  渋谷動物医療センター, which is a huge improvement because their website used to be on the 15th page.