Hiromi Ozawa is the first person in Japan to set up an online reservation site for beauty salons and beauty medicine, and is active as CEO and editor-in-chief. She also produces cosmetics and beauty equipment and works as a comprehensive beauty planner. To effectively communicate the essence of Japanese beauty to international audiences, she decided to reinforce her brand philosophies.

Logo Design

Brand Identity


Web Design

Web Development


We were involved in crafting the branding, visual identity and web design of HIROMI KOZAWA, a beauty spa based in Tokyo.  To effectively communicate that essence to their targeted audiences, we aspired to reinforce the brand philosophies to further engage international audiences on top of consolidating the domestic market.


We executed a complete package, creating a brand as well as a website that’s consistent with it. We designed a homepage that suggests Hiromi Kozawa carries unsurpassed elegance. Our team of experts are also experienced to develop revitalized communications and creative branding strategy primarily focused on online channels through web design and social media management.


We were able to bring HIROMI KOZAWA’s creative vision to life and convey elegance in their brand through timeless and sleek designs. The site now has a modern, unique appearance that is distinct in its industry. The final product helps us to target more aesthetics conscious customers.