Bewash is a new kind of car washing company. Their USP is their waterless car washing service, which distinguishes them from traditional car washes. This innovative service uses a special, environmentally-friendly liquid formulated by Niles, ensuring that the car cleaning process is both effective and eco-friendly.

Bewash also have a customer-centered approach, which aims to make car washing as convenient as possible, fitting into the busy lifestyles of their customers. Rather than adhering to the constraints of fixed operating hours, they offer a flexible booking service to suit the schedule of the customer. Their dedicated team of car washers arrives at the customer’s chosen location and time to provide a smooth and hassle-free service.


Creative Direction

Logo Design

Web Design

Web Development


Bewash asked for help with the branding and website development, in particular with the booking system. 

We helped to design their logo, mascot, stationery, PPT, and brand guidelines. We helped to build a custom website from scratch, developing an effective dashboard and booking system.


Upon gaining a deeper understanding of the Bewash brand identity, we proposed a range of ideas and color schemes for the logo development, tailored to their brand personality and objectives.

Next, we designed the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for their website, translating specific requirements into a user-friendly and visually appealing design. After studying their business model, we created a reservation system that seamlessly integrates with their operations, making it effortless for customers to book their services.

We collaborated closely with our developers to promptly identify and address bugs emerged during development of the complex booking system, prioritizing essential features in order adhere to the project timeline and launch the booking system on schedule.


This booking system is notable as the most intricate ones we have ever developed. We have been involved with the client right from the inception of their business idea. We actively engaged in brainstorming sessions with them, collaboratively exploring ideas and challenges. We went on to propose a comprehensive solution that not only met but exceeded their business needs. 

Bewash expressed great satisfaction with the logo, emphasizing how it truly captures their essence and the nature of their services. Moreover, they conveyed their appreciation for the chosen color palette and how the user interface (UI) of the website seamlessly aligns with the overall branding materials, creating a cohesive and harmonious visual identity.