20METERS is a top-tier photo and video production services company based in Tokyo, Japan. We offer a one-stop solution for your production needs to create excellent artistic output.

Brand Identity

Creative Direction

Web Design

Web Development


20METERS is a one-stop creative production services based in Japan, distinguished  for creating excellent artistic output, ensuring that clients would get what they are looking for. We had the honor to work with 20METERS, a Tokyo based media production services company. We designed and built a multi-faceted website solution to showcase 20METERS' wide array of astonishing portfolios. The aim was to deliver nothing less than to showcase their world-class video production services.


We designed a minimalistic logo incorporating sleek thin lines that forms an intricate yet elegant shape, we aim to showcase a contemporary image to the brand without taking away the compelling element from it. We were able to craft 20METERS a stylish logo with a timeless look that distill the brand to their essence.  We fully crafted their brand identity that incorporates logo design, UX/UI design, planning development and web design.


The sophisticated yet simple design with earthy tones, vivid imagery and structured content design emphasizes 20METERS' approach to its clients - warm, reassuring, and settling.  Supporting this, a well considered information architecture enables the audience to explore everything 20METERS has to offer. Now, 20METERS continue to support international and local clientele to provide phenomenal production solutions.