Founded in March of 2020, Mix Energy Corporation develops, finances, constructs and operates renewable energy power plants. They seek to promote sustainable societies in Asia on a transformative scale. Our team executed a full brand identity to communicate the firm’s noble mission in creating a sustainable society.

Logo Design

Brand Identity


Web Design

Web Development


We created brand identity, UX/UI website design and development for Japanese Solar Energy startup that aims to supply energy to domestic household across Vietnam. We adhere to the firm’s mission as a leading IPP in Asia, which is aligned with their slogan “Let’s Make the Planet Cleaner.”


The logo we created represents solar panels, mixed with cool tones of the backdrop further associate the identity with pristine, while subtle changes in the graduation add a little freshness to marketing collateral. Website as a full-scale tool helping the company to communicate with its clients, offer them new technologies and services. To demonstrate the advantages of the company we aimed for more demonstrativeness, simplicity of information presentation and uniformity of style clear to each client.


The need for clean, renewable energy is a global issue that strikes at many levels. Crafting the brand identity for a firm that serves greater good for the community has made us contribute towards Making the Planet Cleaner. We are committed to promote Mix Energy’s target to achieve 1,000 MW in combined solar and wind power generation by 2025.