Founded in April of 2021, Kogao Doctor is a Tokyo-based salon that specializes in Japanese kogao, a non-invasive facial therapy intended to improve both aesthetic appearance as well as underlying health. We not only transformed the brand identity but also the impression of kogao therapy that visitors to the salon’s website receive.

Logo Design

Web Design

Web Development


The company’s existing website lacked sufficient information about location access as well as the kogao treatment itself. In just three months, we created a new brand identity, and handled logo design as well as website design and development. We incorporated crucial before and after images into a neutral theme, while adding new functions and ensuring hassle-free maintenance.


First, we revitalized the brand identity, changing the company name to better represent the salon’s professional approach, and secured a new domain. We then crafted a logo with a single, flowing line depicting the curves of a face to indicate the gentle, rejuvenating style of the treatment. Finally, we selected soft gold and grey tones for the site’s color scheme, and utilized an easy-to-maintain platform featuring responsive web design and the ability to make online reservations.


The website’s pleasing, neutral theme and the soft, fluid lines of the logo reinforce the salon’s accessible, approachable and relaxing kogao treatment, dispelling potential concerns about discomfort. Moreover, our strategic focus on the distinctive brand name backed by SEO has helped ensure top results in keyword searches. The client was pleased with the results and the business has received high reviews. Now the salon has a more than two-month waiting list for reservations.